Industries Served




Azimuth Electronics Inc has long been a partner with the Telecommunications Technology community, enabling innovation in wireless mobile communications, cell responding towers, and fiber optics for wireless connectivity. Socket designs incorporate thermal management, high temperature capabilities, and high speed enablement.


Medical Devices

Implantable electronic devices such as pacemakers and cardiovascular defibrillators require creative socket designs. Our extensive knowledge in design and manufacturing offers our customers the technical assurance to confirm the integrity of their product.



Socketing integrated circuits used in the automotive market requires practical designs at competitive prices. Sockets designed for testing Hall-Effect Sensors used for contact-less switching and speed sensoring applications in transmissions provide support for burn-in requirements. Sockets to test circuits for autonomous driving and LIDAR (light detection and ranging “laser-based radar) development can be provided.


Aerospace & Defense

Through our design and development teams, we support rigorous performance testing for flight instrumentation, radar guided weapon systems, unmanned aircrafts, and satellites. High density interconnect, hybrid, and power components with demanding and diverse applications including harsh environments are offered in our custom and legacy socket designs.